T-Mobile IMEI Blocking

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IMEI Blocking

T-Mobile enforces payments of their Equipment Installment Program (EIP).  Any customer who defaults on their EIP payments will be blocked on T-Mobile’s network until the payment is provided.  The device block will only prevent service from being used on the phone.  Please note that the IMEI blocking program only applies to T-Mobile devices.  Unlocked GSM devices from other carriers will not be affected by this program.

The symptoms of a blocked device are:

Device CANNOT:

  • Make/Receive Calls
  • Text Message
  • Data/Internet/MMS
  • Use any tools such as calendars, contacts, etc.


  • Make 911 emergency calls

To check is a handset is blocked please visit T-Mobile IMEI Status Checker.  If the device is blocked, the owner of this device will need to request the release of the block.  Unblocking the device may take 48 hours, and it dependent upon customers meeting the required criteria.  As Ultra is a Bring Your Own Device carrier, we recommend to check the handset prior to activation.

Blocked IMEI – If your device is blocked, contact T-Mobile Customer Care at (877) 453-1304.  Once the blocking issue has been resolved, please insert your Ultra Mobile SIM card into the device to begin using service.

Please see the below screenshot of a blocked IMEI and a valid IMEI.