BYOP = at&t Wireless $65 Unlimited Talk, Text, Data + 10GB Hotspot + Sim Kit + New Number

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BYOP = Bring Your Own Phones

Activation In 5 Minutes = Payment In 1 Minutes

• Unlimited Talk, Text and Data • 10GB of mobile hotspots • After 22GB of data usage, speeds may slow during times of network congestion • Notifications are sent when high speed data has reached 75% of 22GB about possibility of data speed being slowed • Stream Saver defaulted to "on" but can be turned off • Unlimited calling to Canada & Mexico • Roaming in Canada and Mexico (Talk, Text and Data).

1) Buy Sim Card Package  2) Call or Text 702-878-7900 Mon to Sat 11am to 6pm to Activate the your Sim Card. 3) Insert Your Sim Card in the phone and Make a Test Call. 4) Activation is Done !