FM Trasmitter #1 = BIT-STICK 3.5mm Auxiliary & Wireless Music Receiver Adapter Apple iPhone 7, 7Plus 3.5mm Music Audio Adapter

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The bit-stick aux and Wireless Receiver is a convenient way to listen to music while having your smartphone in a 10-meter range distance. Simply connect your Wireless enable devices with Cellet Bit-Stick and plug in your 3.5mm headset to listen to your favorite music as well as making a call to your friends wirelessly. This product includes a built in microphone when one might need to answer or make calls. Delivering clear and crisp sound up to 5 hours of constant music streaming/talk time. It is certainly suitable to take your music with you wherever you commute, exercise, or study. Availability to connect to any Wireless-enabled devices such as a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Capability of connecting with any Bluetooth device
  • Connect to your laptop or computer with your Bit-stick Wireless adapter
  • Extremely convenient to iPhone 7/7plus smartphone owners
  • Classy, compact, slim fit design with a secure clip holder
  • Easy connection and hands free, useful when driving