Ring Pop Socket #7 = Universal Ring Stand/Holder for any Small Devices including Smartphones, Tablets, and More

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Universal Ring Stand/Holder provides an innovative design that combines security and functionality. The metal ring is used as a finger support cradle while using your device to hold your phone securely with a safe, tight grip and prevent costly accidental drops. Almost completely eliminates dropping accidents from happening with your phone, tablet and other small devices. Which means: No longer worrying about dropping your phone and cracking the screen. No longer worrying about dropping your phone in the toilet. No longer worrying about your phone accidently shooting out of hands due to poor grip. Use it as a Hands-free stand for horizontal or vertical viewing. Just set it in portrait or landscape position as the ring rotates 360 degrees and swivels 180 degrees. Example: Set it on the counter when cooking in the kitchen as you view your online recipes or set it on a desk and watch your favorite shows and movies or read hands-free. Included is a Clip on mount attachment that goes in the car which allows you to hold/hang the phone. The sticky end you use to attach the mount is very strong and will hold the mount in place with no issues.

  • REUSABLE STIXX special adhesive allows stand/holder to be removed and placed onto multiple devices without any noticeable decline in function ( simply wash the sticky pad with clean water to reuse it)
  • COMPATIBLE with any small devices including smartphones, tablets, etc.
  • INCLUDES – Metal Ring Stand and Car Mount piece
  • HASSLE FREE WARRANTY - Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a 3 year worry free manufacturer’s warranty. Buy it now!