Internet Set-Up #21 = LycaMobile All iphone and Andriod Series

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o configure the LycaMobile APN Settings:

  • Open the main menu of your Android smartphone
  • Click on the Settings icon
  • Tap on More option
  • Select the Mobile Networks option
  • Now open the Access Point Names
  • It is recommended that you delete all the existing APN settings before entering a new one.
  • Now insert a new APN with exactly the same details as given below.
  • Name: LycaMobile
  • APN:
  • Proxy: Leave it blank
  • Port: Leave it blank
  • Username: lmus
  • Password: plus
  • Server: Leave it blank
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy: Leave it blank
  • MMS port: Leave it blank
  • MCC: 311
  • MNC: 96
  • Authentication type: PAP
  • APN type: default, supl, mms
  • APN Protocol: Leave the default settings as it is
  • Save all the changes that you have made.
  • Restart your Android smartphone.
  • Open the internet browser. Now enjoy the high-speed internet access