iPhone Chager #13 = USB Charging Port Plug in Car Charger with Green LED for Apple iPod Touch, nano, iPhone 3G S, & iPhone 4 (Made for iPhone, Licensed by Apple)

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With  an extra USB ports and coiled cable with 30 pin connector, this car charger can charge your iPhone or iPod any alomst any other devices at the same time. Offering 1 amps, the 30 pin connector will charge your iPphone at a fast rate and it is Apple MFI Certified; therefore, it meets Apple's strict manufacturers' standards and specifications so it will not damage your device. Built-in innovative smart protection technology prevents overcharge, overcurrent and overheating. Extra USB ports are not exclusively for Apple devices – use existing USB cables to charge other USB powered devices.

  • Extra USB charging port
  • Extended 6 foot long cord
  • Smart IC chip technology included to avoid overcharging
  • Charge 1 device at a time
  • Output: 5v / input: 12-24v / 1Amp