Micro USB #12 = High Powered 5 Watt (1 Amp) Micro USB Coiled Cable (5.7 ft.) Car Charger White

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The Micro USB Coiled Cable Car Charger provides power to your device to keep you connected when the battery is low. The slim, compact and lightweight charger minimizes any bulk inside your car and makes it easier to store. The micro USB charger is a convenient solution for charging your device when traveling. Equipped with an attached micro USB coiled cable, it allows your device to charge at rapid speeds. The elastic coil cable is tangle free and can extend up to 5.7 ft. This coiled cable car charger is compatible to any micro USB enabled devices.

  • Innovative, sleek compact design that adds minimal bulk in your car console
  • Elastic coil cable can extend up to 5.7 ft.
  • Tangle-free cable makes it convenient and easy to store
  • Charges your device at rapid speeds
  • Compatible to any micro USB enabled devices