Mount Holder #25 = Windshield/Dashboard Phone Holder Mount with Flexible Gooseneck and Reusable Sticky Suction Pad for Apple iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Mount your phone securely as you drive with the Cellet windshield/dashboard Phone Holder Mount. This mount has a 360 degree rotation and a flexible 3.5” goose neck that allows you to view your device in any orientation desired. The 3.5 inch flexible goose neck provides a stable foundation for the holder and the sticky suction cup/release lock system ensures a firm position onto your windshield or dashboard. You can remove and mount this holder onto any car, the sticky suction cup is reusable, just rise with water. The cradle has non-slip rubberized extendable arms and backing to secure and prevent any scratches on your device.

  • Suction cup with lock lever secures base onto your dashboard or windshield
  • 360 degree rotational capability allows your device to be positioned in any desired angle
  • Arm grips and backing provide cushion to prevent damage to your device
  • Reusable sticky suction pad, simply rinse with water and let air dry
  • Durable and flexible 3.5 inch goose neck