Power Bank #3 = Compact Light Up Mirror powerbank, 3000mAh Battery, 1Amp USB Port - BLACK

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For those who like the convenience of multifunctional items. This is perfect for someone on the go and running a little late. Our universal light up compact mirror portable charger is easy to use, light to carry with an attached accessory inside special for the ladies who like to keep the day moving in a fast phase while looking exceptional every moment of the day. When in a dark location, no need to go out of your way to be able to see yourself, simply hold the power button for five seconds and shine bright like a diamond. To turn off light: Press and hold power button for 5 seconds. To those who need a portable charging solution for their device in any circumstance our light up compact mirror power bank is an essential for day to day as well as for traveling. An ideal item to carry along for a battery emergency, as well as touching up your makeup during a flight after a nap.

  • Dual mirrors, 1 regular & 3 times magnified
  • Vanity ring light attached for every time of the day
  • 3000mAh power capacity
  • Blue LED light indicators demonstrate the battery
  • 1Amp, universal port that charges iPhone, iPad, Android or any device