Tempered Glass Samsung #3 = Full Glue Ceramic PMMA Resistance Film Samsung Galaxy Note & S Series

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Product description:

Original Curved PMMA Screen protector

1,It can kill Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli, etc. effectively
2,Dust screen design, no dust
3,Five dimensional super stereo radian, smooth edge, no scraping
4,Japanese AB adhesive 280u-330u, high and low temperature resistance test. Different thickness of AB adhesive is  selected for different cover plates to ensure no white edges
5,Full size Full glue. Fast exhaust, one pass
7,4 hours steel, super explosion proof, no broken edge, falling ball test: 32g steel ball, 60cm not broken
6,Plasma high-end baking and oiling, over friction test, feel smooth and durable, drop Angle, 115° before grinding, 95°after 2000 times of friction


1pcs Tempered Glass Screen Protector

1pcs Wet Alcohol Wipes

1pcs Dry Cloth