Unlocked iPhones #51 = iPhone 6s 16GB A+ STOCK silver

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Unlocked Work with this Carrier & Service Plans :

iPhone 6s

  •  4G | VoLTE || GSM Unlocked
  •  Good for H2O, AT&T, Cricket, Ultra, worldwide int'l
  •  4.7" LCD |  | 2GB RAM
  •  White Box and AM Accessories
  •  8MP | 5MP Camera

 at&t, T-Mobile, Verizon, h2o, Wireless, Cricket Wireless, Net10 Wireless, Boost Mobile, Gen Mobile, Ultra Mobile, Lyca Mobile, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Pageplus Cellular, Tracfone, U. S. Cellular,  & Worldwide GSM Carriers, 

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