Wireless Charger #101 = 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Phone Holder

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Mount and charge your Samsung Galaxy S9 in your vehicle with the Wireless Charging Air Vent and dashboard Phone Mount. Simply screw the cradle onto the base of your liking, air vent or the dashboard mount. The infrared sensor located on the cradle detects movement and automatically locks and release your device. The arms contain non-slip rubberized grips that hold your device in place and helps prevent any scratches on your device. The cradle will charge wirelessly with any base you choose, simply place your QI enabled device onto the charging pad. Please note: your device must be wireless charging enabled or have a wireless charging receiver installed. Wireless charging receiver sold separately.

  • Infrared sensor allows automatic lock and release of device
  • Two different bases to choose from, air vent or dashboard mount
  • Attach cradle with automatic arms to air vent mount or dashboard mount
  • Keeps your QI enabled device charged at all times
  • Both bases keep your device steady as you drive